Thank you for visiting our web site. By reading this now, we would imagine, you are probably shopping the net for a reputable cleaning company in your community. You are looking for someone who is professional, certified, uses the latest cleaning equipment and technology, and above all, will provide a cleaning you will be bragging about. We provide comprehensive cleaning services and equipment for marts, shopping-centers, offices, industrials, public institutions, hospitals, hotels and restaurants. Our work is professionally completed by friendly, certified technicians using today's finest truck mounted cleaning units. 
There's nothing that does as much for your company image as a clean workplace. It's the first thing your clients notice about your company. And, for your staff, it will make the difference between an invigorating place to work and an unpleasant one.
With a commitment to superior service and an eye for detail, we offer a wide variety of specialty cleaning services.

 Here is the list of works we are offering in cleaning: 

  1. Complex everyday cleaning of internal premises 
  • 1.1. Office and administrative zones
  • 1.2. Trading floors and entertainment zones
  • 1.3. Marts (including cleaning of production zones, workshops, refrigerators and freezing cameras, cargo-handling territories, storages of all types of goods)
  • 1.4. Food companies
  • 1.5. Storages
  • 1.6. Workshops 
  1. Complex everyday cleaning of external premises 
  • 2.1. Hand-cleaning
  • 2.2. Cleaning using the units of communal cleaning technique (sweeping, watering, cleaning and removal of snow)
  • 2.3. Putting antifreeze reagents on the pedestrian territories during the winter period
  • 2.4. Lawns watering and cutting
  • 2.5. Facades cleaning and glazing (promo-mountaineering) 
  1. Special services 
  • 3.1. After-construction works
  • 3.2. Deep washing out of the floor
  • 3.3. Crystallization
  • 3.4. Putting the additional protecting level on the floor, floor-polishing
  • 3.5. Floor carpets and soft furniture cleaning

Our cleaning equipment 

1. cleaning  of internal areas - scrubber/driers of different productivity, floor-polishers, machines for cleaning escalators, wet and dry vacuum cleaners of different power, extractors, high pressure washers, lawn;
2. cleaning of external areas - 3 units of communal cleaning technique (MTZ-82, scoop, dump, brush) being the property of the company.
Company has it's own certificated center in Voronezh that provides operative technical service and repair of professional cleaning equipment. 

It also has its own technological service. The chemical engineer provides correct selection and optimum use of special chemical washing-up solutions taking into account the specificity of cleaned surfaces and type of pollution, and also taking into account the experience of our company in similar projects. In our activities we apply special control and quality managing system based on the thoroughly detailed schemes and technological cards of cleaning, which provides high standard of our services. 

We use professional cleaning and disinfection facilities produced by "JohnsonDiversey" and professional equipment by "Taski"and "Nilfisk".
            In case you are not ready to use our cleaning services we offer you a wide range of equipment, professional detergents, cleaning tools and disinsection facilities you can purchase. The list of goods you can find in the corresponding section of the Russian version of this site.

Here is  the cataloge of goods:

1. Professional cleaning equipment:

Dry/wet vacuums
Spray extraction machines
Dry foam carpet cleaning machines
Single disc machines
Road sweepers

2. Chemical products Taski for:

kitchen hygiene,
machine dishwashing,
hard surface cleaning,
interior cleaning,
washroom cleaning
carpet cleaning
dispensing equipment

3. Cleaning tools:

Cleaning tools Euromop
Cleaning tools Jonmaster

4. Tissue paper products, dispensers and consumables Katrin®:

Toilet tissue
Industrial paper
Hygiene bags
Fasial tissue
Dispensers: industrial, plastic, stainless steel, white metal


Today our company has branches in many regions of the Central Federal District and operates in Voronezh, Belgorod, Staryi Oskol, Gubkin, Orel, Tambov, Kaluga, Kursk, Bryansk, Penza,  Saransk, Lipetsk, Tula.
 Our skilled technicians will leave your business clean every time, guaranteed. We want our customers to be satisfied with of our work every time. That is why we were one of the first companies in our industry to guarantee our work. Its just one way that our company is experience and people you can trust!

Technical support and maintenance


 It is vital that the equipment works properly. Our company has an authorized certified service center which helps to prevent  breakages and downtime of the equipment.

Today our after-sales service encompasses:

- putting into operation and education;

- warranty and post-warranty service;
- centralized spare part stocks for fast delivery;

- ability to repair at the customer's territory;
- tailor-made service contracts;
- preventive maintenance contracts;
- replacement machines;
- highly skilled service technicians;

- 24-hour cover;

- long-term experience in maintaining cleaning equipment Taski and Nilfisk.